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When a user wants to create a request, the form is prepended with a "email" field. Captcha is also enabled. When the user submits, the user (email) is instantly created with a random password, and reporter of the request is set to newly created user. The user is taken to the request details (and logged in), and a reset password email is sent.

The caveats are: knowledge articles cannot be shown. 

Note: if your project is limited to customers who are added to the project, you need to add the  UltimateTheming.AnonymousSDUser to that list.

Request Types visibility

The request types of a portal can be restricted wrt. visibility. (Sys)Admin goes to any portal, then in the Ultimate menu, Request types visibility can be clicked. A request type can be restricted to groups and/or organisations (at least one should be fulfilled to be able to view). A request type also can be disabled. If nothing is set for a request type, then it's visible.